Bhaji is a delicious curry of spiced vegetables from Northern India. This curry is usually made with seasonal vegetables including onions and tomatoes and is eaten with an Indian bread called Pav, which is similar to Talame buns. Our Pav-Bhaji kit also includes Papadum, which is a type of lentil chip originating in Indian culinary traditions. It is a thin, cracker-like food made from a lentil or chickpea dough and eaten as a side dish.

Pav Bhaji

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    • Washed and Chopped Vegetables 
    • Pre-measured Spices 
    • Pav (Indian Bread)
    • Papadum (Lentil Chips)


    Ready in 30-35 minutes


    In your kit you will find everything you need to make a healthy and delicious vegetarian meal, including easy to follow directions.