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Indulge in the opulence of Nav-Ratan Korma, a royal Indian dish that lives up to its name as the nine-gem curry. This rich and creamy delicacy is infused with the flavors of various vegetables, fruits, and nuts, making it a truly luxurious treat for the taste buds. Known for its association with special occasions like festivals and weddings, Nav-Ratan Korma has a history of being served in imperial kitchens to royalty. It's a dish fit for kings and queens, promising a regal dining experience that will leave you feeling pampered and satisfied. Experience the taste of royalty with our authentic Nav-Ratan Korma.

Nav-Ratan Korma

    • Cut Mixed Vegetables
    • Nav-Ratan Korma Spices
    • Curry Sauce
    • Basmati Rice 
    • Naan (Indian Tandoori bread)


    Ready in 30-35 minutes



    In your kit you will find everything you need to make a healthy and delicious vegetarian meal, including easy to follow directions.

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