Tofu and vegetables simmered in sweet, spicy coconut milk, is a wonderful food for cleansing and balancing your body. According to Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems), your body’s health is linked to the balance of three life forces: Vata (space & air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (water and earth). 
While the warm spices and coconut oil of this dish help cleanse our system, coconut, which is a highly regarded food in Ayurveda, balances the forces of Pitta (Fire) and Vata (Space & Air) in our body. Coconut also has a cooling effect on our body that is extremely refreshing. Have a happy and healthy meal.

Tofu Coconut Curry

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    • Pre-measured Spices
    • Tofu 
    • Vegetables 
    • Ghee
    • Rice


    Ready in 45-50 minutes


    In your kit you will find everything you need to make a healthy and delicious vegetarian meal, including easy to follow directions.